Smoke Bomb Photography
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We get asked a lot about our smoke bomb photos. The two big questions always seem to be, “How do you guys go about using them in shoots?” and “Where do you guys get your smoke bombs from?” First off, why would anyone want to use smoke bombs in a shoot? Simply put, it’s pretty dang cool. They provide a fun and unique aesthetic that can add life to any session. Whether it’s with a couple, a model, a band, whatever, the addition of colorful plumes and the subsequent haze they leave can give any shoot an extra kick of interest. Most importantly, however, people should understand that using smoke bombs can potentially pose a few risks. It is paramount that these risks are openly discussed and understood by all parties involved before using them in a shoot. This is especially true if one intends to hold them in their hands. Let’s go ahead and get to the meat of this post. Items needed: Smoke bomb Lighter (if not using a “cool burning wire pull” grenades) Open outdoors space, away from anything that is overly dry and susceptible to catching fire Camera Water (to pour on the smoke bomb after […]

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