Pics With Shapes & Shadows
February 18, 2016 by admin in Creation, People 0 Comments

“Each image is a battle of form versus content” -Garry Winogrand (The late 1960s street photographer) Even though the content is essential in any type of photography, using forms creatively adds a beautiful artistic dimension to your work. The exciting part of photography is deciding what to frame your shot. Creative elements such as lines, shapes, Creative elements such as lines, shapes, form, patterns and colors can come into your work and explore them will give your soul, great satisfaction. Form is one of the core elements of art (form, shape, line, color, texture, and space) and knowing how to use it in your photography will help you create beautiful images with an artistic touch that rise above the mundane shot. Basically, forms are highlighted by their lines, shapes, and volume and so photographing form can also mean be depicting an outline of a three dimensional object (e.g. a flower) or composing a shot from an unusual perspective and revealing its shape in an abstract manner. The difference between shape and form in photography Form is similar to shape, but there is a difference between them: form is a three dimensional object with shape and volume, while shape is just […]

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